Saturday, September 15, 2012

Set the Atmosphere

As wives, we set the tone in our household. If we are in a bad mood it seems the kids are cranky and the husband is distant and/or grumpy. If we are in a good mood the kids are smiling and the husband is enjoying our company and showing affection. Now we all have bad days and it can be hard to come home with a smile everyday, but on most days what kind of attitude are you displaying?

It's a decision you make to create an atmosphere of love, kindness, and affection. The kind of atmosphere that your husband looks forward to coming home to and your children will look back on with fond memories. Doing this requires you to be in relationship with Jesus, selfless and determined. No wife who is thinking "what about me?" while reading this post can create this type of atmosphere. You have to focus on improving your attitude for the greater good of the family.

The following is a scenario that plays out in many households around the world:

Wife has picked up the kids and is home helping with homework and starting dinner. She had a busy 8 hour day and now she comes home to her other full-time job as wife and mother. Wife complains about how Husband is not home helping and yelling at the kids for not doing the homework correctly. Husband hung around the office talking to this person and that person, he takes the scenic route home and then makes a stop at a friend's house before heading home. By the time he arrives, the kids have finished their homework, eaten dinner, bathed and winding down for the night. Wife hardly acknowledges Husband when he comes through the door, but rattles off a list of things Husband needs to do. He plops down on the couch and turns on the TV. The kids come in to talk to Dad and he eagerly greets them and plays with them, but Mom shushes them and tells them it's bedtime. Wife puts the kids to bed and goes to the bedroom for the rest of the evening. Husband warms up his food in the microwave and falls asleep on the couch.

Does this sound familiar? If so, there is hope and you do have the power to change the atmosphere in your home. Get to the bottom of what has you angry or why you have a bad attitude. You may need to seek Christian counseling, spend more time in God's presence, and/or have a conversation with your husband about how he is contributing to your bad mood.

I guarantee if you work on your attitude, smile more, look to the joy that God provides despite of our circumstances you will see a change in your demeanor and your children and husband will notice it too.

What will you do set the atmosphere in your home?

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