Monday, July 30, 2012

He's "Supposed" to Do That

So what are the chores, responsibilities and duties that your husband is “supposed” to be doing? Taking out the trash, opening doors, providing for the family? Your list may include these and some more.

Over the weekend, my husband worked Saturday and Sunday after he had already worked Monday thru Friday. He has his own business, which often calls for him to work on weekends and also has a full-time job during the week. Whew! I am already tired just typing that! Well, when he told me he would be working both days I was a little sad because neither of our sons would be over and I was looking forward to time alone with him. But then, I was gently reminded by the Holy Spirit that we have been praying for God to increase his business, so CHEER UP!

While at home relaxing, running errands, attending church and getting plenty of rest I thought of my husband out in the Texas heat working hard to provide for his family and sacrificing his time and rest. This made my heart smile! You see, before meeting my husband I dated men who could not keep a steady job. I was often left picking up tabs, helping THEM pay THEIR bills and coming to THEIR rescue when in financial trouble. Therefore, my husband’s work ethic is something I greatly appreciate. God had so much better for His daughter!

My husband works very hard and he never complains about it. His mother instilled the importance of working at a very young age and it has stuck with him. Thank You, Jesus! There are some wives who take what their husbands do for granted. They may believe no “thank you” is due for something he is “supposed” to do anyway. Not true, ladies! Yes, I know the scripture that says, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10). But PLEASE, don’t use that against your husband. That’s not how God intended that scripture to be used.

Be grateful for everything your husband does. There is nothing too small to say “thank you” for. He may tell you that you don’t have to thank him, but do it anyway! I promise you it makes a difference to him. So many wives are suffering with having to provide for their families because the husband is unwilling to work or maybe can’t find a job in this economy. Thank our Heavenly Father for your husband who knows his role as provider and gets enjoyment out of doing it!

There are many ways we can show our appreciation. Learn your husband’s love language and express your love and appreciation accordingly. For a bonus, don’t stop at one language; pick two or three!

For example, my husband’s primary love language is Quality Time, so I:

Quality Time – I watched the Olympics with him and went to bed when he went to bed instead of staying up and watching TV in the living room.

Acts of Service – I cooked a great meal! Yes, I cooked on a Saturday! LOL

Words of Affirmation – I sent him a text thanking him for his sacrifice and letting him know what a blessed wife I was.

So, now it’s your turn! What “supposed” to do thing will you thank your husband for and how?


  1. Wonderfully put, Chrystal! My husband and I were just reading on this topic over the weekend as we studied and discussed the roles of the man as husband to his wife, father to his children, the woman's role as wife, mother, etc. The Bible makes it so clear to anyone willing to resist their own pride and submit to first, the Father and His Son, our Savior, and secondly, submit to the Word brought forth that tells us how we are supposed to live and behave.

    I thank my husband often and enthusiastically. I thank him for working so hard to support us, and I thank him when he helps out in the home. I thank him for the great effort he puts into being an incredible husband to me, and an awesome dad to our sons. Sometimes I just say, "Thank you."

    I believe my gratefulness comes from first being able to tell my Heavenly Father thank you, because I am truly blessed to share my life and love with the man he brought me to. <3

    1. Thanks so much & thanks for your comment.

      I love what you said about the roles of husbands and wives. You are so right! While my husband and I were dating he broke out the Bible one day and read Ephesians 5:21-33 and asked if I was in agreement with what the Word says. Further confirmation that he was the one!

      What a blessing you are to your husband! You keep his love tank full!